Cookbook Giveaway!

It’s National Cookbook Month!  This has inspired me to give away signed copies of four different cookbooks. The first book is Done, my newest! You may earn up to three chances to win each book:

– On Facebook, go to James Peterson Cooks, LIKE my page and then COMMENT on the current entry post (there will be a separate post for each book).

– On Twitter, be sure to follow me and then tweet using the hashtag #WinDone (or, in subsequent entry periods, #WinFishAndShellfish, #WinKitchenSimple, #WinSauces)

– On Instagram, follow me (JAMESPETERSONCOOKS) and then find the photo of the book and comment.  Simple!

The entry period for Done is October 8 through October 13.

The entry period for Fish and Shellfish is October 14 through October 19.

The entry period for Kitchen Simple is October 20 through October 25.

The entry period for Sauces is October 26 through October 31.

Winners will be announced at the end of each entry period. Good luck, and I look forward to sending you a book!

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